“I Think I’m Quite Ready for Another Adventure”

For the past couple of years I’ve spent my days talking about travel, dreaming about trips and helping others plan their own adventures but finally it is time for another adventure of my own.

Ever since traveling to Australia when I was 19 I’ve wanted to go back. It is such a huge and diverse country I am eager to see as much of it as possible but there is more to it than just that. I had traveled with family and friends before but that trip at 19 was my first trip just me and my best friend and I thought our four and a bit weeks in Australia (and three weeks in New Zealand) was a substantial amount of time to be away. When I hopped on the Oz Experience bus to start traveling the East Coast I was suddenly meeting people with three months, six months, even a year of traveling Australia. I kind of couldn’t believe that this lifestyle of packing your things in a bag and living one day to the next while having these incredible experiences was actually such an accessible thing to do. From that day on I dreamed of going back and spending longer doing a more spontaneous trip.

In fact that’s where the inspiration for my Asia trip came from but my fear of the unknown kicked in and doing a trip solo for the first time, as well as a few other factors, led me to pre-book a lot of experiences before I left. I met a lot of people on that trip who had either done a working holiday visa or who were on their way to do one and it sparked up that desire to go. Luckily I have an equally travel obsessed boyfriend who whose immediate response to my suggestion of working in Australia was yes, let’s make it happen.

Fast forward two years of saving and planning and the long-awaited trip is now right around the corner – a week today to be exact! Again, this blog will become my journal, keeping track of my daily and weekly travels but also as a way to share tips for others dreaming of the same type of trip.

The plan so far is to fly out to Bali and spend three weeks relaxing and chilling out as a kind of stop gap holiday between finishing work and starting to travel/work in Australia. After that we’ll fly into Melbourne and begin there. We plan to get a car or van and get in as much travel as we can first before funds run low and we’ll need to work. Since we’ll be arriving in Winter we reckon we’ll make our way through the centre, seeing Uluru and visiting national parks and after reaching Northern Australia make our way back down the East Coast, working as needed, exploring everywhere we can. But that’s as far as the plan goes.

Leaving things so open ended is both exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s hard to look forward to things when I have no idea what might happen and yet at the same time it was that freedom and spontaneity which inspired me to go back to Australia in the first place. I hope you’ll Follow along if, like me, you’re quite ready for another adventure.


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