LIVE UPDATE #1: Coronavirus Crisis – At The Airport

Last night we got a notification that we could check in to our flight. This morning dropping the car hire off we were warned some flights were cancelled but not ours. We walked into the terminal and it is a ghost town. Departures board reads: CANCELLED.

We are currently queuing at Flight Centre along with many others. From what I can gather it’s futile because the only flights going are over £7,000 per person. But we have no other choice. We have no other information.

Trying to call Emirates and the phone doesn’t even ring. I managed to get through to British Consulate in Brisbane, they couldn’t tell me anything more than find a place to stay, isolate and wait for news. I’ve emailed our local MP, the British consulate and Joey even emailed Boris Johnson.

It is mad that UK have now, way too late, advised British people to return home at the point where flights are not available. It is mad that we were promised flights would stop after Wednesday so paid around £4,500 per person to change to a flight today only for Dubai to stop transits and cancel flights anyway.

I’m angry. I’m frustrated. I’m lost.

There is no information. There feels like there is no help even though everyone I have spoken to has tried and has been compassionate but they are equally in the dark.

I understand that this is worldwide and unprecedented and we have never experienced anything on this level before. I know these decisions are being made in consideration of saving lives. I still think this situation is being massively mishandled.

I wish we had booked a flight home earlier. I wish we had stayed where we were and made plans not to return home for the time being. It doesn’t matter though. It feels that any decision at this stage is the wrong one and we are always a step behind this.

Now we have no place to stay. No car. No way home.

We’re trying to remain calm and just find out what we can. That’s all we can do. It’s no longer taking things day by day but hour by hour.

I will keep these live updates going until we are either back in the UK or have a more definitive answer on how long that might take. I will also try to share information where possible to other travellers in a similar situation.

  • Stay safe
  • Stay isolated/social distance where you can
  • Keep washing hands and sanitising
  • Most importantly be kind to others


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