Hi, my name is Jess and this is my travel journal.

Since I was around nine years old I have always kept travel journals. Some of them are silly, some of them are quick notes and some of them are filled with lavish descriptions but all of them are my memories. Anytime I want I can flip through the pages and be transported back to my favourite places and happiest moments of my trips. I started this journal because I thought maybe others would like to read and share in my adventures too and maybe I can persuade you to start your own journeys and your own journals to remember them by.

I started this blog before heading off on my longest trip to date, a five month trip around South East Asia. Ten days after I graduated from a Masters in Creative Writing I jumped on a plane and started my trip. First I went to meet a friend in Dubai then I went on to Sri Lanka, took a tour through India, took a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, island hopped in the Philippines, volunteered with an Orangutang conservation project in Borneo, spent Christmas in Thailand before going on to Laos, Cambodia and finishing up in Vietnam.

Now I’m back from my adventure and since I still can’t get enough of travel I got a job where I get to talk about travel all day long. Working as a Travel Expert at STA Travel has been amazing so far and I love helping others plan their own amazing adventures and sharing my own experiences. If you’re looking to book your next trip pop into Oxford and say hi!

You’ll also notice my Jar of Joy section. This is a project I started a couple of years ago after a particularly difficult year of my life to help me change my outlook and bring some happiness back into my world. My journal is also a way to inspire joy, not only in my own life, but I hope in yours too.

So flip through the pages and let me transport you to another place. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my past travels, find my advice useful, maybe be inspired to set off on your own travels and while I am on the road you’ll take every step with me. Follow my blog, check my Facebook page for updates and my Instagram to see some of my favourite travel snaps.

Happy travels everyone!

Hmmm… where to next?