Jar of Joy

In 2015 I went on trips to Berlin, Krakow and Ibiza, I took part in an amazing internship with Teenage Cancer Trust and I graduated university. On New Years Eve when someone asked me what good things happened to me the past year I struggled to think of anything. Instead what came to mind was having my bag (including passport, phone and all holiday money) stolen on my first day of Ibiza. Having my first serious allergic reaction and going into anaphylactic shock.  My Nanny passing away. My Mum’s heart attack.

My Mum is healthy and getting fitter by the day but 2015 was still one of the worst years of my life. But it wasn’t all bad and I promised myself that I wouldn’t end 2016 remembering only the bad things. I made a New Years resolution and so the Jar of Joy was born!

The concept is simple. Every time a good thing happens to me, big or small, I write it down and put it in the jar. On New Years Eve 2016 I get to read all the notes and enjoy all the happy memories.

But it’s been more than that. I find myself looking out for good things in my life. It makes even the little moments more significant because I realise that I want to remember those too. Even when bad things happen it makes me see the positives in them. It makes me remember the bigger picture. It’s made me a lot happier, which is why I think everyone should give it a go.

All you need is a jar, some bits and bobs to make it pretty, a stack of post-it notes and some good times. I hope you start your own Jar of Joy. I hope you see the difference it can make. I hope it brings you joy!

And while you fill your Jars of Joy I hope that you check out moments for the jar for posts about my thoughts on emotional and mental wellbeing.

My Jar of Joy is filling up!